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The Dessert Deli is a gorgeous, mouth-watering collection of amazing recipes, bringing luxurious desserts to the comfort of your own home.
The Dessert Deli brings beautiful desserts to their rightful place: the forefront of any meal. Not just offering cupcakes, this cookbook covers the full spectrum of tasty treats: indulgent Belgian Chocolate Mousse with Honeycomb, zingy Orange and Passion Fruit Trifle, silky smooth Honey Crème Brûlée, to decadent Amaretto Chocolate Truffles. Learn how to adapt recipes to your liking and the importance of always using the best quality ingredients. 
Set up in 2008, The Dessert Deli quickly became one of the highlights of the popular Northcote Road Market, as well as being stocked in some of London's most prestigious Food Halls, providing luxurious handmade desserts for food lovers.

Another beautiful cookbook landed on my doorstep thanks to Legend Press - Thank you.

Laura Amos is an award winning pastry chef who at 26 years old started up her own business, the unique luxury dessert brand, The Dessert Deli. Selling her desserts in high end food halls such as Selfridges & Fortnum & Mason, due to their popularity Laura has written this book to share her recipes with us all - and aren't we mighty glad she has!

The book begins with a short introduction to Laura and her journey and continues on to a section for ingredients followed by equipment. Laura breaks down all the main items and gives short descriptions of each.  I found this really helpful and quite interesting. For the more experienced baker this may seem 'too much' but I personally felt it was a great touch to the book.

The recipes themselves are just mouth watering. Every page I turned another piece of paper went in the book, marking them on my 'to do' list. I loved how Laura clearly broke down each recipe. Firstly there was a short description of the dessert followed by the ingredients( split into sections if there was more than one part to the dessert) along with a method. Laura also included many tips and cautions to help along the way. It was very easy to follow and was supported by yummy pictures. Laura also included tips and methods for the typical components of most desserts, such as meringue, different creams, sauces etc. This was great - if you are an adventurous cook you could use all these aspects and make your own concoction.

What a lovely cookbook - great for anybody who loves to indulge in a scrummy dessert but without the expensive equipment and complicated recipe as a hinderance. The perfect cookbook for anybody with a sweet tooth.

My pick - Cherry Black Forest - Black Forest Gateau is my absolute favourite dessert so if it comes anywhere close it will be a hit with me!

My Husbands pick - Orange & Almond Treacle Tart.

'Prettiest' looking bake - Strawberry Sable - look at all those strawberries :-)

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