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Colourful and cosmopolitan, with a cheeky edge and a hint of seediness, Brighton is a haven of indulgence for all the senses. From the crunch of pebbles underfoot to the thump of dubstep from nightclubs, the sting of salty wind on your face, to the sweet stickiness of neon pink rock, it's a city that wants to share all its delights with you. So fabulous local caterer Jessica Haggerty needed to look no further than her home town to find the inspiration for this luscious collection of delicious bakes. Evocative photographs by Stuart Ovenden, Deputy Art Editor of Good Food magazine, reflect the quirky spirit of the town and highlight the sensational food. 

Jessica takes you through the seasons with contemporary recipes for cakes, muffins, pies and tarts, all using fresh local produce and showcasing a unique blend of urban chic and old-fashioned flavours. Bake a batch of fragrant lemon geranium muffins for a summer picnic, or warm up a winter's evening with dark chocolate chilli gingerbread. Capture Brighton's vibrant, seductive spirit with Margarita cupcakes (why drink when you can have a cocktail in a cake?), sumptuous garlicky pots with rosemary olive crackers, and the ethereal White Night Cake. 

Irresistible and individual treats for every occasion from a passionate baker, beautifully photographed throughout.

This stunning cookbook landed on my doorstep from Book Guild Publishing - So big thank you to them.

What a beautifully illustrated, easy to follow recipe book to add to your collection! The fuschia pink writing and roses on the front cover along with the vintage jug and sponge cake enticed me to dive into the pages straight away and I wasn't disappointed.

The book starts with Jessica introducing Brighton - a perfect fun description of the town and its inspiration. The book is then divided into four sections, one for each season of the year with guidance for which ingredients should be at their best and events relating to that time. I really liked how this was done it helped give a good structure to the book. My favourite section had to be Spring, not only does this obviously relate to our current season but 20-30 minute meal suggestions for me are  always gratefully received.

Page by page my mouth was watering just seeing the recipes and the amazing photographs. Jessica has put a great amount of effort into thinking about every single one. A few recipes are not my cup of tea - like anybody there will always be one that doesn't tickle your fancy but on the whole I was very impressed. 

My Favourite quote - 'I always distrust a clean cookbook, a cookbook free of even a smear or drop of oil. No crumbs squashed between the pages? The book hasn't been used for what it's intended for, that much is plain.' - SO TRUE!

My pick - Ham hock and pea pies - In my opinion you cant beat a good pie!

My Husbands pick - Sussex toffee and apple crumble - The sweet tooth in the family.

'Prettiest' looking bake - Brighton Rock Cake - Love the pink :-)

Dont miss out - buy your copy today on Amazon!

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