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Children's Book Review: Penelope Crumb Follows her nose & Penelope Crumb Never Forgets by Shawn K Stout

Another two fabulous reviews from The Novel Cafe's Erin.....Thanks again Erin :-)

Some interesting facts about Penelope Crumb... She has: A brother so awful he MUST be an alien. A mum who draws body parts (ewww!). Her grandpa's nose... but no grandpa. Her family haven't seen him since her dad died. So Penelope and her friend Lizzie Maple set off across town to find Grandpa Felix, skipping school, taking trains and calling every F. Crumb in the phone book. But what if Grandpa Felix doesn't want to be found? One last fact about Penelope: she doesn't take no for an answer.

 Books received from Quercus - Thank you!

Erin's review.......Penelope goes on a search for her Grandpa and takes her friend Lizzie Maple with her to find him.The story takes you on a train journey trying to find her Grandpa.She says funny things like "True Blue".They talk to lots of people with the same name as her Grandpa in her desperate search to find him.Her character is cheeky and a little bit naughty.Made me want to keep reading to find out if she is successful in finding Grandpa.The ending is just perfect.Easy reading with great illustrations.I love the "Dear NASA" piece at the back of the book, and the interview with the author.I would recommend this book to all age 8+.

Patsy Cline is becoming best friends with another girl! It looks like Penelope is going to lose Patsy to Vera Bogg... forever.

So Penelope starts a secret museum full of things that remind her of the people she loves, in case she loses them too. Lizzie Maple, who loves adventures, is on board to help.
But other people seem to think 'taking their things for a museum' is the same as 'stealing'... and Penelope is suddenly in a whole lot of trouble!
Can Penelope win back Patsy Cline? And can she figure out a way to create her memory museum without stealing things?

Erin's review....In this story Penelope has to find a plan to win back her best friend, Patsy, from Vera.Patsy and her "new" friend Vera swap outfits and share secrets which really irritates Penelope.Penelope takes Patsy's best friend necklace that Vera had given her and hides in her made up museum on her bedroom cupboard.Penelope tries lots of ways to win back Patsy.I love the outcome of this story and would recommend it to age 8+ and I would happily read another story in this series.The illustrations are great and the "Why museums are important to me" section.

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