Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Naughty Girls' Book Club by Sophie Hart

‘A quaint suburb. A quiet little reading group. A very naughty reading list...When Estelle sets up a book group in order to increase custom to her struggling cafe, what follows is more life-changing than she could have ever imagined...As the first meeting flounders, Estelle suggests a spot of erotica to spice things up. Inspired by their naughty novels, this group of shy suburban readers shake off their inhibitions and discover that their own lives can be just as scandalous….Sexy fiction at its most seductive, this is perfect for fans of Jilly Cooper and Shirley Conran.’

Book Received from Author - Thank you Sophie

Estelle is a thirty something single mother who runs the local café crumb. In desperate need of a few extra pennies to keep the café going she decides to try a new venture to help increase income – a book club. (What a fab idea!) A mix bag of 4 people turn up for the meeting ….Sue, a retired sixty something struggling with the gap left from finishing work, Gracie, a strong feminine character with many open opinions, Rachel, a bubbly secondary school teacher in need of a hobby and Reggie a shy student who attends the meeting for research purposes. The current book phenomena is erotic novel ‘Ten Sweet Lessons’ so when the group take a liking to the book erotica from all decades soon becomes the club craze and changes their lives in more ways than they expected.

I was hooked on this book right from the start. The characters were all very different and it was captivating reading how their lives changed throughout the book. I really liked Estelle’s character, she was so likeable and what I call ‘normal’ it was a pleasure to follow her story. I found it really hard to put down, I just wanted to see what they were going to do/what was going to happen to them next! Having seen the title you may be hesitant that the book itself is full of sex and erotica and another ‘Fifty shades’ but it really isn’t – it much more focused on the characters and their lives with a bit of sauciness thrown in along the way ;-)

Definitely a Novel Café Cupcake…10/10….A perfect chick lit read, easy, fun, sexy, captivating, emotional and romantic all in one book. I would thoroughly recommend and can’t wait to see what Sophie has in store.

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