Sunday, 26 January 2014

Meet........Tasmina Perry!


Best selling author Tasmina Perry joins me at the Novel Cafe to tell us about her love of travel, writing and her latest novel The Proposal, which is available now. Huge thank you to Tasmina for taking the time to answer some questions for my blog and congratulations on the release of The Proposal. Interview conducted Dec 2013.

1. How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

Creative, fun, determined, talkative, loyal.

2. Do you have any 'Guilty Pleasures', just like the name of your book?

I love village fairs. Every summer I drag my husband and son around the countryside to whichever ones I can find! Friends wonder why I want to spend every sunny Sunday doing it, but they sell books, home-made jam and cake - what's not to like!

3. You love to travel, have you got a favourite place and why?

I love Hana a remote town in North East Maui. I did a home exchange there once and it's like a little pocket of Paradise. My favourite place in the world is probably St Ives. We go at least twice a year and I'm never happier than when I am watching the sun go down over Porthmeor beach.

4. Is there anywhere you haven't been where you would really like to go?

I love the great outdoors so I guess it would be somewhere like Alaska or Patagonia.

5. How has your travelling contributed towards your books/writing?

I always wanted to write big, escapist novels so beautiful locations have always been at the heart of my books. I always try and write about places I have been to, or go and visit the places I want to write about to make it as authentic as possible.

6. You have wrote some amazing books, do you have a favourite?

Daddy's Girls is special because it was my first. The feeling of seeing your debut novel in print is quite magical. I'm also very fond of The Proposal. I loved doing all the research (part of is it set in 1958 during the last debutante season,) and I cried writing the last chapter!

7. As well as amazing stories they are full of great characters, if you could swap places with any of them who would it be?

I don't know about swapping places with them, but I have an affinity with the character Kate from Daddy's Girls. In the book, she falls in love with Nick as they set up a magazine together, which is how I got together with my husband John.

8. Your new book The Proposal, tell us a little about it.

It's set between the present day and 1958. Out of work dancer Amy Carrell answers an advert in the Lady magazine to be a companion to an older lady Georgia Hamilton on a Christmas trip to New York. They spend four days together during which Georgia teaches Amy the art of old school glamour and etiquette whilst Amy helps Georgia resolve a dark secret in her past.

9. If The Proposal hit the big screens who would you choose to play the parts of Amy and Georgia?

I actually 'cast' my characters in my head before I start writing my books, so I have thought alot about this. I'd have Rachel McAdam play Amy and Judi Dench play Georgia.

10. If you could make one wish come true this Christmas what would it be?

Last year, all my family got a desk given to a Kenyan school child, instead of a present from me. A few months ago we got sent photos of the kids using the desks and it was fantastic to see. So I wish that anyone who is stuck for a pressie ideas this Christmas heads to the website and does the same!

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