Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Author special....Julie Shackman

Literary Leading Men
By Julie Shackman

I am thrilled to welcome to The Novel Cafe and introduce to you all author Julie Shackman - Julie has very kindly taken the time to write an author special so big thank you to her. Julie's debut book 'Rock my World' is out now.

What, in my view, makes the perfect Literary Leading Man?

In order to answer this question, I sat and poured over the likes of Mr Darcy, Heathcliff and Rhett Butler (yes, a terrible job, but somebody has to do it!) I came to a personal conclusion that it is their intensity. Of course, they are all undeniably attractive, but their seething passion as well, that for me, makes these literary gents so appealing.

Switch to modern day novels and one of the most hypnotic heroes for me, is Hazel Osmond’s Jack Wolfe. If you haven't read “Who’s Afraid of Mr Wolfe?” I would highly recommend it. This novel left me breathless at times, as well as laughing and feeling empathy at other moments.

Jack Wolfe is dark, dangerous and so Alpha male, he makes Guy the Gorilla look like a cuddly toy. He is also trying to suppress his own demons and self-doubts, despite felling women at twenty paces, with his uninhibited sexiness. In some ways, he did remind me of a modern day Heathcliff.

In my debut contemporary romance novel, “Rock My World”, I wanted to create two male characters who readers would feel attracted to, as well as identify with them.

Stevie Vee, my long-haired, ghostly rock singer, is charismatic and passionate about his music. He is left reeling after some major personal discoveries.

Matt Jardine, my wolf-eyed, sexy journalist, is knocked sideways after meeting my protagonist, Ruby Cameron. He can't seem to comprehend that she isn’t remotely like the sort of girls he’s used to – and not as easily impressed either…..

For me, reading is all the more enjoyable when you lose yourself inside the characters and feel
attraction, sympathy and understanding for them and their situation. I have strived to achieve this with “Rock My World.” If my readers feel connections with rocker Stevie and dashing Matt, then I’ll be absolutely delighted. It hasn't been easy you know, writing about these two cuties every day – well, ok it wasn’t exactly a hardship!

Good luck with your writing and enjoy reading.

I’m just off to reminisce about Matt’s eyes again…..hypnotic, wolf-like grey, don't you know….!

Julie Shackman

February 2014.

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